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Here is a short list of downloadable content and information about the South African Copyright Amendment Bill.



November 2018

Final version of the proposed Copyright Amendment bill with Fair Use replacing Fair Dealing (clause 13, page 12). ReCreate South Africa supports this draft bill for enactment into law.


Fair Use in South Africa

28 October 2018

Interviews on the importance of adopting Fair Use in South Africa with university students, publishers, film and media industry representatives, documentary film makers, librarians, free knowledge contributors, and disability activists.


Comments on the Copyright Amendment Bill before the National Council of Provinces

Dr. Andrew Rens, Internet Governance Lab American University, Washington DC

22 February 2019

This submission points out that the current Copyright Act is outdated and in great need of updating to be suitable for the digital environment and that the current Amendment Bill [B 13B—2017] tackles many of these problems.


Fair Use vs Fair Dealing - Australia

A video produced by Creationistas - Australian Copyright Is Broken (3 November 2013) effectively illustrates the difference between Fair Use and Fair Dealing and how it impacts both consumers and producers of creative content. Australia has similar Fair Dealing regulations as South Africa making this video useful to understanding the situation in South Africa as well.


DTI Copyright Presentation to parliament

31 May 2018

TI’s response to DAC’s presentation on 18 May 2018. The DTI has reconsidered deleting fair use provisions and is now proposing a hybrid approach, based on the Singapore model, which would open up the current fair dealing provisions.  




Communication to stakeholders on the Copyright Amendment Bill from the South African Parliament.  17 May 2018


DAC Presentation to Parliament

Presentation to Parliament by the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) on the 17th May 2018 on their opinion regarding the Copyright Amendment Bill. The DAC supported ReCreate positions on removing default ownership of commissioners and state funders of our copyrights, and on regulating collective management. But of particular concern is their position opposing Fair Use, which reflects a number of misunderstandings. 


Freedom of Panorama - Wikimedia ZA

Submission to the Department of Trade and Industry by Wikimedia South Africa calling for the inclusion of Freedom of Panorama into the Copyright Amendment Bill.  September 2015.

impact study DTI Genesis Study Image.png

ASSESSMENT of the Regulatory Proposals on the Intellectual Property Policy Framework for South Africa - Genesis

The report aims to assess the social and economic impact of the regulatory proposals in the DTI’s draft IP policy and to identify whether each of the proposals is sufficient, efficient and suitably designed to meet its objectives. July 2014.


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